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School of Dance

BFA Program Overview

In that the BFA is a professional degree, the primary focus is to offer technical training and performance experience that optimally prepares dancers for future professional careers in dance upon graduation. In meeting these demands, the unique triple-track design, affords students the opportunity to study ballet, modern and jazz with equal emphasis. Students also have the ability in their junior year, to taper their programs of study should they desire to specialize or concentrate more heavily on a particular discipline to meet specific future career goals, while still maintaining breadth in their technical foundation. Even though the BFA degree in dance places an emphasis on technique and performing, students are also assured of receiving a well-rounded education. To study dance at The University of Arizona is to have the best of both worlds----a nationally reputed dance program with a conservatory environment (in terms of the rigor and concentration), housed within an institution nationally lauded for scientific discoveries and research!


MFA Program Overview

Building on a well-balanced undergraduate education, graduate students are expected to develop a thorough understanding of a specific academic discipline. A fundamental purpose of the Graduate College is to encourage each graduate student to demonstrate outstanding standards of scholarship and to produce high-quality original research, creative or artistic work. Graduate education provides an opportunity to increase knowledge, broaden understanding and develop research and artistic capability. The student’s academic achievements therefore should reflect a personal commitment to the discipline and to scholarly standards.
The graduate curriculum in dance allows the student to focus on teaching, research, choreography or performance for dance. It also provides opportunities for interdisciplinary studies with other arts, humanities and sciences in support of the student’s development as a scholar, teacher and artist.

The M.F.A. degree has two emphasis areas that allow for intensive focus in performance or choreography. The program facilitates and nurtures dance artists in their area of emphasis while offering a comprehensive graduate education in dance. The M.F.A. degree is 60 units requiring 2-3 years of residency at the University of Arizona. The curriculum includes core courses and dance technique as well as courses in theory and pedagogy.


Dance Minor

The School of Dance offers a dance minor, which is a 21 unit program of study. Dance minors track specifically in one of three disciplines, ballet, modern or jazz. Although we do not permit dancers to audition for the minor, those who audition for the BFA program who may not meet the criteria for entrance there, but who do demonstrate a proficiency in either ballet, modern, or jazz, may be offered a spot as a dance minor. There are limited positions for dance minors.