Special Event: TEDXUArizona: Speaker Duane Cyrus

Venue: Centennial Hall

Join us for “TEDxUArizona: Spirit of Wonder – Session 3” on November 1 at Centennial Hall, where our Director, Duane Cyrus, will explore the essence of movement in… More

Special Event: Last Dance – First Chance

Venue: Ina Gittings 124/130

Last Dance: First Chance is a unique and innovative event that showcases the incredible talent and creativity of the University of Arizona School of Dance students. The show… More

Special Event: Season Preview

Venue: Stevie Eller Dance Theatre

FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Enjoy a sneak peek of our exciting new season, and hear the inside scoop on UA Dance’s roster of guest artists for… More

Special Event: Jazz In AZ

Venue: Stevie Eller Dance Theatre

ONE ACT ONE HOUR! Jazz, tap and contemporary dance merge in this dynamic, one-act, performance. On the program is Michael Williams’ virtuosic tap piece, AlittleSAXophoneSTORY, about a young… More

Special Event: Upcoming: UA Dance 2019/2020 Season

Planning for the Transformation Series is underway! “Five minutes to places” is the call performers love to hear. Then “places, everyone,” and shortly after, the stage ­fills with dancers, musicians,… More