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PRIOR TO THE AUDITION: Dress Code, Hotel, Tours


AFTER THE AUDITION: Outcome Notification



Step One

Complete an application for admission to the University of Arizona
This application should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Step Two

Complete Online School of Dance Audition Application (This is completely separate from the University application)

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not use your UA NETID and PASSWORD if you are NEW to the UofA.
Live Auditions are scheduled through the online application.

Online Application includes:
·      Outline of training in Ballet, Modern & Jazz
·      Resume of dance experience
·      Full body photo in first arabesque
·      Headshot
·      Reference contact information
·      Audition Fee

Audition Fees
National Auditions - $40
Video and Individual Auditions - $60


We have concluded auditions for the Fall 2018 academic year. However, we are still accepting transfer applications until July 1 on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in submitting a video audition please contact:

National Auditions for Fall 2019

Please select one of the following auditions:

Fall - Saturday, September 22, 2018
10:30 AM check-in, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre Lobby
Application Closing Date: Must be submitted on or before Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Please note that the video link is not due until November 1st. If you submit your application without your video link, you will then email the video link to by November 1st.

Spring - January, 2019  TBD
10:30 AM check-in, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre Lobby
Application Closing Date:  January, 2019  TBD

Please note the video link is not due until March 1st. If you submit your application without your video link, you will then email the video link to by March 1st.

Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase*
Application Closing Date:  2018  TBD
* This audition is open to those participating in the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase.

Video Auditions*
Application & Video Deadlines: Fall Audition due November 1st/Spring Audition due March 1st
*Please note, those who audition by way of video in lieu of attending an in-person audition are not able to be considered for a dance merit scholarship.

Late Applicant Policy
Applications submitted beyond the deadline might be considered for the audition at our discretion. Any late applicants permitted to audition will be assessed a late fee of $10.
Any late applicants not permitted into the audition due to capacity enrollment (at our discretion) will be urged to attend a different audition. Any materials received beyond the deadline will not be included in the notebooks faculty use during the audition. We cannot guarantee that any video auditions submitted beyond the March 1st deadline will be considered for Fall 2018.


The video hyperlink submission is an integral and required piece of the dance applicaiton for all auditioners. You may submit your application without the video link as it is not due until later.

Primarily, the single video link should contain classroom/studio footage. It is most helpful if the applicant is the only one filmed. If filmed in a class setting, the camera should be focused exclusively on the auditioner. In addition to the requirements listed below, a performance clip/clips may be included at the end of the footage, making sure if in a group, the applicant can be easily identified.

Videos are successfully reviewed when they follow the guidelines. Typically, this results in a video of approximately ten minutes in length that includes an introduction and a diverse sampling of your technical/studio work across all three styles.

- The video hyperlink must open immediately. We will not create an account or login to review your video.

- Please wait for an outcome from our program before removing your video online.

- Please refer to Suggested Dress Code.

Personal Introduction Segment
Please introduce yourself and briefly state the reasons you are interested in applying to the University of Arizona School of Dance.

Ballet Segment*
-2 Ballet Barrework Combinations (side view)
-3 Ballet Centerwork Combinations to include:
-An Adagio demonstrating control, line, extension, placement
-Pirouettes en dehors and en dedans
-A Petit Allegro Combination
-A Grand Allegro Combination
*Optional for female dancers:  1 or 2 pointe work exercises in the center
*Optional for male and female dancers:  1 or 2 brief partnering excerpts

Modern Segment*
-2 Modern Combinations of approximately 32 counts or 1/2 minute each which should demonstrate the following:
-Articulation of the spine
-Descending and ascending (floorwork)
*You may wish to do just one combination which is twice as long (64 counts or one full minute)
Include slow, sustained movement as well as quicker footwork/changes of direction

Jazz Segment*
-A Lyrical Combination (approximately 32 counts or 1/2 minute)
-An Upbeat Combination (approximately 32 counts or 1/2 minute)
-Demonstrate your turning ability
-Demonstrate your jumping ability
*Optional: musical theatre or tap combination

Video Submission Instructions

 Video hyperlink (ex. YouTube) - Please follow the video guidelines
- If attending a Fall audition, the video hyperlink deadline is November 1.
- If attending a Spring audition, the video hyperlink deadline is March 1.
- You may submit your video hyperlink at the time you submit your application OR after applicaiton deadline
by emailing by the deadline.

Instructions on how to share your link can be found here:


Once uploaded by School of Dance staff, you will be able to view your video hyperlink as part of your application by following the steps below:
1. Log into the CFA Applications Portal
2. Navigate to your School of Dance BFA application
3. Click on “Print” at the top right corner of the screen
4. Scroll down to see your file or video hyperlink that has been uploaded

If you wish to be considered for a Dance Scholarship it requires 2 components:
1. In-person audition, AND
2. Video Link Submission


Suggested Dress Code for Dance Auditions
- Leotard and tights for ballet, jazz pants for jazz (optional), footless tights for modern
- Ballet shoes and jazz shoes, (modern will be executed barefoot)
- Hair confined up off the neck and back from the face
- Females: solid leotard or a unitard (no loose fitting clothing)
- Males: solid color top/tights or a unitard (no loose fitting clothing)

The Aloft Tucson University Hotel is a 5 minute walk from the dance facilities, and is the nearest hotel to the School of Dance. To make a reservation click the image below or visit:
For additional assistance contact the Sales Manager at (520) 908-6800 ex 5523. Reservations are subject to availability.

Book reservation at Aloft

Campus Tours
Campus tours can be booked through the Ambassador Tour webpage or call 520-621-3641.
Tours are offered at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on weekdays and therefore travel arrangements may need to accommodate an extra day in advance of the Saturday audition date to book a tour. We recommend booking your tour the Friday prior to the audition.

School of Dance Tour
A tour of the School of Dance is offered from 12:00-1:00 pm either the Friday prior to Saturday national auditions or the Monday following Sunday national auditions. If interested in this tour, please meet in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre Lobby. No prior sign up required.

Current Tours Scheduled - Friday, September 15, 12:00-1:00, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre


Audition Format
National auditions are conducted in a class format beginning with a ballet barre followed by center combinations in ballet, jazz, and modern. All auditioners must complete the entire audition. In the unlikely event a dancer is unable to complete the audition, they should notify a faculty member. Dancers who do not complete the audition will need to find an alternative method for completing the audition process.

Audition Day Schedule
10:30 am -  Audition check-in, Stevie Eller Dance Theatre Lobby

12:00 pm - Audition begins and runs approximately 3 ½ hours

3:00 pm - Informational presentation for parents

3:30 pm (approximate time) – At the end of the audition parents and dancers are invited to attend an optional Q & A with Faculty


Notification letters will be sent by mail. Fall auditioners will be notified during the month of December. Spring auditioners will be notified during the month of March.
Please note, due to the large number of auditioners we are unable to provide individual feedback.


Dancers who have received a non-accept outcome and wish to audition again may do so. However, after two auditions, dancers will not be given further consideration for the BFA program.