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School of Dance

The University of Arizona School of Dance provides students with state of the art facilities including the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre and the studios at Ina Gittings.


In 2003 the University of Arizona’s dance program was blessed by the completion of the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre.  Home to the UA Dance Ensemble, dance majors rehearse and perform in this award-winning, state of the art facility.  The 29,000 square foot complex, which houses a 300-seat theatre with spacious stage, full-fly system and full orchestra pit, is host to some 50 performances a year by majors in the dance program.  These performances are supported as well by a costume shop, scene shop, pilates studio and ample dressing rooms.  The theatre’s design -- an integration of art, movement and architecture--   features second-story studios surrounded by glass and an outdoor stage for afternoon performances.

Lead architects on the project, Donna Barry and Jose Pombo  (then with Gould Evans), created a space so inviting and yet so innovative that several awards announced and recognized their work.   A 2003 Citation Award from the AIA and a Best Public Project over $5M were quickly followed in 2004 with the AIA Arizona Honor Award. In short order, the building was added as one of only fifteen on the list of “Arizona’s Greatest Architectural Wonders.”

The Stevie Eller Dance Theatre provides a brilliant blend of form and function. The Gould Evans team created an atmosphere where their art and ours could be fused, resulting in this stunning achievement. This building will change our lives and the lives of future generations of students, artists and art patrons.

-Jory Hancock, Stevie Eller Endowed Chair and Director of Dance


Ina Gittings was once the primary concert and rehearsal space for UA Dance until the completion of the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre in 2003. It is has 4 large studios;  two downstairs and two upstairs.  The two upstairs studios, 124 and 130, open up into one large space that accommodates large rehearsals, auditions and master classes.


The Somatics Lab "Dedicated to Movement/Canyon Ranch and Enid and Mel Zuckerman" is a multipurpose space located in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre. This space turns into the dressing rooms for all concerts.  It is the home of the UA Dance Pilates and Movement Therapy Program which is tailored to meet the specific needs of our dance majors, focusing on core strength, movement awareness, body symmetry and injury prevention. Fully endorsed by Pilates Master Ron Fletcher and taught by Fletcher Pilates Program Director, the program features state of the art professional Pilates studio equipment. The multi-level program includes both group equipment and mat classes and is designed to give all Dance majors a foundational centering and balancing technique to practice throughout their dance careers and beyond.