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Name a Seat in the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre
Honor someone special, leave your mark as an Alumni, acknowledge your favorite dancer, teacher, or choreographer or recognize a special event such as a graduation or anniversary. 

Funds generated through the Name A Seat campaign support student scholarships, guest artist fees, costumes, special equipment or musical arrangements.

Each Seat Plaque Recognition is a $500.00, tax-deductible donation.
Please call (520) 621-1263 to order a plaque or for more information.

Due to variation in the number of performances for each production, we cannot guarantee your seat selection will always be available.


Seat Map

Seat Map


Named Seats

A-1 Dr. Earl H. Brown, Clara Brown
A-7 Angela D. Weir
A-9 In honor of Idee Levitan, artist who supported the arts, especially younger artists
A-11 In honor of Brittany Elise Young,BFA 2010
A-12 Dance… like no one is watching, Ralph C. Romero, Jr.,1987-2007
A-13 Dr. Kathleen Assar,Fred Bond
A-14 In Loving Memory, Charles H. Neumann
A-15 In Loving Memory, Edna A. Neumann
A-16 Remembering the warmth, grace and courage of Fran Litman-from friends who loved her.
A-18 Ani Maureen Kramer
A-20 Herschel & Jill Rosenzweig, In honor of all the brilliant young dancers of the UofA
A-23 Gen. Julius Parker Jr., Dorothy J. Parker, Dorvita Julian & Jules
A-24 Suzanne and Lisa Lynn
B-1 Body Works Studio Inc.
B-2 Steve Garrett, Larry Mann
B-3 Donna and Bruce Beyer
B-8 The Brown Family, Nelson, Michelle, Justin, Nicholas and Lauren
B-9 "Mondscheins" Joan, Dr. Ruth, Paula
B-10 Jadyn Nicole Reddy, UA Dance, BFA, Class of 2016 Thankful. Passionate. Blessed.
B-11 Janet Seltzer
B-12 Norma Arnow
B-13 "Little Laura Kaufman" BFA - Dance, Class of 2013
B-14 Kyria and Lou Waugaman
B-22 Ellen and Stan Gordon 
B-23 Soozie Hazan and David Hazan
B-24 Dr. Lehman Benson, III, Lisa Benson Marcus, Lehman IV, Christine, Mark
C-1 Jean and Miles Wagner 
C-2 Debi & Kali Rowe
C-4 Maurice J. Sevigny, Dean 1991 - 2009, College of Fine Arts
C-7 Susan E. Hetherington
C-8 Betsy & Frank Babb
C-9 Betsy & Frank Babb
C-10 “It’s a marvelous night for a moondance.” In loving memory, Joan Davidson
C-11 Wilson Family, Alberta, Canada
C-12 Breanne Wilson, BFA Class of 2014
C-13 Thank you for sharing the dance Mom, Mary Christoph
C-14 Olive Thompson Wood, Orchesis Letterwoman 1938-42, Love from Scott, Lynne & Leigh
C-15 Rosalie Paul, Amanda Rosalie Saffer, Alexis Rosalie Saffer
C-16 Rosalie Paul, Allison Paul Wild, Audrey Lillywhite Wild
C-17 Dennis Ray & Margaret Briehl
C-18 Reserved
C-21 Leap to Your Dreams, Cole Vernon
C-22 Patty Choate, Always dance from your heart!
C-23 Edie Michelson, Sumner N Milender
C-24 Accent on Vision, Wiedmaier Zucker
D-1 John and Linda Stapleton
D-2 Skin Spectrum, PC
D-4 In honor of the birth of Hazel Elizabeth Latt
D-6 Carl Goswick, N.C. State
D-7 Gretchen Goswick, Iowa State
D-8 Amanda Winter, BFA, 2012-2016
D-9 Sandy & Elliott Heiman, For Our Granddaughters Rebecca & Shira
D-10 Sandy & Elliott Heiman
D-11 Drew Adams, 2011-2015
D-12 Sally and Ralph Duchin
D-13 Sally and Ralph Duchin
D-14 In loving memory of Sandy Harrison
D-15 In honor of Amy Ernst, World class dance artist and beloved friend.
D-16 Rachel Anne Zaner, Je danse, donc je suis. I dance, therefore I am.
D-17 Kathleen Egan
D-18 Cybelle Egan
D-19 Tara Egan
D-20 Eleanor Egan Fellrath
D-21 Danille and Julie Lopez 
D-23 COACH Keating 
E-1 Adrianne Parry, Physical Therapy
E-2 In Loving Memory of Ruth & Thomas Shartle
E-3 In Loving Memory of Jorge Lara-Braud
E-4 Paul & Genie Gengler
E-5 Dr. and Mrs. Marc Mondragon
E-6 Sada, Ella, Reyna, Shelby & Haylie
E-7 Wayne and Barbara Algire
E-8 Jerri Kaple Boswell, In honor of a Fabulous Dance Program
E-9 Marie - France Isabelle
E-10 Continued success to UA Dance! – Sallie & Steve Tofel & Family
E-11 Ginny L. Clements
E-12 Alexa & Sara Christman, BFA, Class of 2010 & 2015
E-13 In Appreciation Carol and John Ross
E-14 In Honor of Gladys Katen Radio City Rockette, Vicky & Allegra
E-15 For "Invisible Sun" by Melissa Lowe 21-Apr-10
E-16 In Memory of My Loving Parents, Betty and Charles Loveman, Martha Loveman Perl
E-17 Caren & Thomas Newman
E-18 Margaret Pope, Dr. Norman Epstein
E-19 Joanne & Dave Carney
E-20 Ellie and Norman Willock
E-21 Louise Glasser
E-22 James Glasser
E-23 Barbara and Martin Levy
F-1 Nicole and Alexis Mondragon
F-2 Alexandra Yonkovich, BFA, Class of 2015
F-3 In loving memory of Steven Cohen
F-5 In Memory of Dr. George L Nadler
F-6 Love UA Dance, Ruth and Ron Kolker
F-7 In Loving Memory of Betty & Wells Bell
F-8 For our Children, and Grandchildren, Ruth and Ron Kolker
F-9 Ruth & Ronald Kolker
F-10 In Honor of Lilly Weich
F-11 Margaret G. Siepert
F-12 Albert F. Siepert
F-13 Merrily Siepert Davis
F-14 George H. Davis
F-15 For our Children and Grandchildren, Rachael Goldwyn & Alan Levenson
F-16 RICHARD H. HILL, Love Of My Life
F-18 Jean B. Nerenberg
F-19 Joanne E. Nerenberg, The Kineticist
F-23 Tom and Renee Keating
G-1 Ailey Bennet Fosse Tharp, DeMille Your Inspiration Lives On -Jessica Lazarus
G-2 David & Kathryn Unger 
G-3 Jay and Gail Rochlin
G-4 Isolde Helene Genet, Beloved Niece of Christiane Genet Leslie
G-5 In loving memory of Bob, my dance partner in life. Sally Gershon
G-6 Keep Dancin' ! Joyce Broan
G-8 Continued Success UA Dance! Jonny Sue Perkins-Snyder PT, Don Snyder PT
G-9 In honor of John Fikkan & Thom Sherwood
G-10 Gretchen, BFA 2012
G-11 Elisabeth Kasser 
G-12 Violet Kasser 
G-13 Mikey G. Kasser 
G-14 Doris Chadwick 
G-15 Roland Chadwick 
G-16 Beth L. Kasser
G-17 Matthew Neely, Kellie Terhune Neely
G-18 Cristina Baker, Gavin Goodrich
G-19 Michael Baker, Madison Goodrich
G-21 John Crawford White
G-22 Elliott Trahan Class of 2019
G-23 Gina Gral, Kelly Larson, Lisa Lynn-Hammond BFA 2000
H-1 Jeannie Horner Mueller, Keep Dancing!
H-2 In honor of the Rodeo City Wreckettes
H-3 Dance changes lives. MFA, BFA UA Dance, Ashley Bowman
H-4 Jan Holub, A dancer forever
H-5 Jerri Boswell & Grace Taylor
H-6 Marlys A Beider “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet”  - Constanze
H-7 Emily Hansen, Revel in the beauty of the present
H-8 FRANCES EPSEN, Life Long Lover of Dance
H-9 Robert H. Mason Dr. Suzanne L. Miles
H-10 James W. Wunder, Gotta Dance, Partner?
H-11 Beth Taubeneck Megerle, Class of '87
H-12 Adam C. Houston, Outstanding Senior, Class of 2013
H-13 Jeanne and Craig Hoover
H-14 The Grogan Family
H-15 Margy Vaughan & Scott Vaughan
H-16 Whitney Herr-Buchholz, Enjoy the show!
H-17 Hutch Hagendorf, UA Dancer Class of 2015, Awesome training & memories
H-18 Anita Katz, Dance gives wing to our soul
H-19 Amanda Belle O’Brien, in recognition of UA Dance faculty and my dance family 2016-2020
H-20 Tim and Val O’Brien 2017, in honor of our beautiful dancer Amanda Belle O’Brien
H-21 For Kailey Tamarkin, BFA 2018, From Herschel and Jill Rosenzweig
H-22 Ann and Neal Blackmarr
H-23 Jeanne and Craig Hoover
J-1 Amy Shuttleworth
J-2 Margie & George Cunningham, 2015
J-4 Jacqueline L. Mok, V. Grayson Dyer
J-7 Annette Shenker Budin, Daughter Eileen Shenker, Joyful Lifelong Dancers
J-8 Reserved
J-9 Reserved
J-10 Taylor Bradley, Happy 21st Birthday 10-10-2013, Love Always, Mom
J-11 Jean Eleanor Schroeder, Class of 2013, Bachelor of Fine Arts
J-12 In memory of Michalene Cardella, UA School of Dance - 2009
J-13 In memory of Christopher Clarke Kientzler May 5, 1973 - August 13, 2007
J-14 Lena Yoshme Melnick, jo pi
J-15 Tom & Ann Moyer, Vincent & Mary, Derek & Jacqueline
J-16 Bravo to Carlee Fay Clover, BFA, May life be a dance, Ann Moyer
J-18 Jordan Z. Kramer-Nison
J-19 Dance is the Window to Your Soul, In Honor of Hayley Meier, Class of 2009
J-20 Fear Not Foundation 
J-21 Annie Christianson, BFA 2009
J-22 Jane Rifkin 
J-23 In honor of UA Dancers
K-1 The Gordons Honor The Sevignys
K-2 For our talented daughter, Brenna Brockert–Class of 2018, Love Mom, Dad & Colton
K-3 Kelsey Anne Walsh,BFA, Class of 2015
K-10 Karen Tyner
K-11 In honor of Nancy Overturff,  For inspiring others to have a passion and love for dance.
K-12 Michael Campbell, Susan Pollak
K-13 For Fred Bond, With Loving Memories, Dr. Kathleen E. Assar
K-14 Robert Nilson Johnson honors Kaley Johnson Jensen, MFA 2017; Dance is life itself.
K-15 Kaley Johnson, MFA, 2017; Some call it dancing. I call it living.
K-18 Marlowe B. Kramer-Nison
K-21 Honoring Dr. John M. Wilson's leadership, UA Dance
K-22 Drs. Gail D. Burd and John G. Hildebrand
K-23 In Memory of Edith Morse Milender
L-1 In honor of William F. Parker
L-2 Gotta Dance! Christine Toretti
L-3 In Memory of Dick Chauncey, Devoted Friend of UA Dance
L-6 Harriet Silverman
L-8 In memory of Evelyn & Julius Kroman
L-9 With Love for my Parents, Al & Estelle Lehrer  
L-12 Betty Lobit Biasotti
L-13 Reserved
L-14 Reserved
L-15 Reserved
L-16 Reserved
L-18 Elora L. Kramer
L-21 Keep on Truckin', Louise Quick
L-22 Honoring Peggy and Wayne Collins
L-23 Chipper and Lonnie Henning
M-1 Jeanne A. Silverberg
M-2 Gary and Susan Miller, "Dance is the hidden language of the Soul" -Martha Graham 
M-5 Charlotte Badger White    
M-9 Dot and Jim Walker
M-11 In celebration of Lynne Morris, Up with People Director, Choreographer, Mentor & Friend
M-12 Richard H. Hill Patricia D. Van Metre
M-13 Tenth Street Danceworks, Long Story Short, 1.618……... KC
M-14 Michelle Fekas, Class of '85, Love, Tyler and Tana  
M-18 Jack and Jan Copeland    
M-22 In Honor Of Larry N Deutsch
N-1 In Honor of Ron Yaeli
N-2 The Gotta Dance Foundation, in Recognition and Thanks to Gotta Dance! Dance Academy
N-3 Michael Williams, Dance Professor, Principal Dancer-Gus Giordano, UA School of Dance
N-4 Susan Quinn, Dance Professor, Principal Dancer-Gus Giordano, UA School of Dance
N-5 The Gotta Dance Foundation, in Recognition and Thanks to Gotta Dance! Dance Academy 
N-17 Gayle Teicher & Nancy Yaeli, May the Dance Forces Always be With You