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School of Dance

General Education Dance Classes
The School of Dance offers a wide array of general education dance classes available to all students on campus. Included in these class offerings are multiple levels of jazz, ballet, modern, tap, African dance and more! Dance general education classes meet Tier 2 Arts requirements.

General education dance class offerings can be viewed through the academic catalog or through your UAccess account.

Placement Audition
If you would like more information about which class levels are appropriate for you, the School of Dance offers a placement class on the Saturday prior to the start of the fall semester. Students should be prepared for an hour-long class, beginning at 10am, to include ballet, jazz, and modern movement styles. Attire should allow you to move freely (no baggy clothing) showing clear lines of arms, legs, and back.

No pre-registration required. Please arrive on time at the Ina Gittings Building Room 124.

Following the placement class, advisors are available to assist students with registering for general education dance classes. For more information please contact the Dance Office at 520-621-4698.