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School of Dance

Graduate Admission
To apply for admission for the graduate program, the candidate must have extensive dance training, hold an undergraduate degree in dance and meet the minimum requirements of the UA Graduate College.

Four Steps for Graduate Application to the School of Dance:

1.  MFA candidates must apply to the University of Arizona prior to
     auditioning for the School of Dance.

2.  The School of Dance office must receive the following applicant materials
      prior to auditioning:

     •Statement of Purpose letter (a brief and focused essay about one's career  
       or research goals)
     •Curriculum Vitae (comprehensive résumé)
     •Three letters of recommendation
     •DVD of recent work (performance/choreography)
     •Undergraduate transcripts

3.  Mail the above audition requirements to:
     University of Arizona School of Dance, 121 Gittings Building
     ATTN. Graduate Advisor
     Tucson, AZ 85721-0093

4.  A two-day physical audition is required.  Auditions must be scheduled on
     Mondays and Tuesdays in order to take and observe classes; perform a
     2-3 minute solo followed by an interview with dance faculty; teach a non-
     major class in one of three genres: ballet/modern/jazz; meet resident
     graduate students; and become familiar with the UA campus and Tucson
Graduate Admission Status

Once your application to the Graduate College has been processed, the School of Dance will review all application materials and consider an on-campus audition/interview. Since nearly all applicants have previously earned a BFA degree in Dance, we do not encourage any applicant to apply without having already completed all prerequisites. A 2-3 year hiatus is also recommended between completion of a BFA and entering the MFA program to demonstrate self-motivated professional activity.

a. Students will be admitted to enter graduate studies who meet the
    minimum requirements of the Graduate College and the School of Dance
          i.   Demonstrated advanced level in technique in ballet, modern dance,
               or jazz dance.
         ii.  Have completed at least one year of dance composition, achieving a  
               grade of “B” or higher; or at least two professional compositions
               that have been publicly presented.

        iii.  Have completed at least one year of Dance or Drama Theatre
               Production, achieving a grade of “B” or higher; or at least 2 years of
               professional experience.

         iv.  Have competed at least one course each in:
               • Music history/literature, music for dance, or two years of applied
                  music study.
               • Anatomy for Dance; Kinesiology; or Biomechanics.
               • Aesthetics of dance or the arts, or in dance ethnology/anthropology
               • Dance History

b.  All students applying for admission to the program of study must also
     meet qualitative standards determined by the dance faculty including:

                i.  Review of three confidential letters of recommendation

               ii.  Review of the applicant’s performance or choreographic work

              iii.  Review of the student’s written Statement of Purpose

              iv.  On-site audition, with personal interview

c.  Criteria for admission to the program of study are based on the
     quantitative and qualitative requirements listed above, and admission will
     be determined according to:

                i.  Each student’s demonstrated expertise in performance or

               ii.  Evidence of self-motivated professional experience in the field

              iii.  Potential for successful completion of the degree at the University
                     of Arizona

              iv.  Personal maturity, independence and academic and artistic

In conjunction with the Graduate Advisor, each student is responsible for developing a written Plan of Study. This plan is to be filed with the Graduate College during the penultimate semester in residence.

Students must complete 60 units of graduate level courses. The specific Dance Graduate Curriculum for the MFA in Dance is designed with the option in either Choreography and/or Performance.

Graduate Financial Aid and Scholarships

Only after acceptance can the School of Dance offer graduate support in the form of Teaching Assistantships which include an out-of-state tuition waiver, as well as the possibility of Graduate Tuition Scholarships and/or Graduate College Fellowship Awards.

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