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We strongly encourage filing your FAFSA (Federal Application for Financial Student Aid) when applying to the University of Arizona.  By doing this, students may qualify for federally funded loans and grants.

When completing your FAFSA make sure to include UA's school code 001083, so that your application will be routed appropriately.

There are two types of scholarships available for incoming undergraduate dance majors:

Academic Merit-based Scholarships
Filing an application as early as possible in the late summer or fall prior to the year applied for is highly recommended. Academic awards are highly competitive. We encourage all prospective dance students to apply for academic awards! And the earlier one applies the greater chance of receiving an award!

Explore the following link for more details:

Academic merit-based scholarships awarded by the University of Arizona

Undergraduate Dance Merit-based Scholarships Opportunities
Besides academic merit-based scholarships, undergraduate applicants may also qualify for dance merit-based scholarships.  The application for these scholarships is wrapped into the national audition process.  By attending a national audition with the School of Dance, dancers are automatically in a pool of consideration for funding.  Dance merit-based scholarships for undergraduate applicants are highly competitive and award a range of funding amounts, which reflect the unique gifts each dancer may bring to the program. 
Required videos are submitted as hyperlinks and are used by the faculty as an additional tool, in tandem with the audition itself for making scholarship awards and ranking for levels of funding. 

Please note that those who audition by way of Video in lieu of attending an in-person audition are not able to be considered for a dance merit scholarship.

Applicants with a grade point average below 3.0 will not be considered for scholarships.  To be eligible for scholarships students must be enrolled full-time in at least 15 graded credit hours per semester and must maintain a 3.0 GPA.


There are three types of scholarships available for incoming graduate dance majors:
- Teaching Assistantships which includes an out-of-state tuition waver
- Graduate College Fellowships
- Graduate Tuition Scholarships