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School of Dance


The University of Arizona School of Dance is unique not only for its artistry on stage, but for its workings behind the main curtain as well. 

Since 2013,  UA Dance students have had access to specialized onsite musculoskeletal care through a weekly Dance Medicine Clinic. The Clinic is run by Dr. Daniel Latt, a specialist in sports medicine and foot and ankle surgery. As a specialist in both orthopaedics and sports medicine, Doctor Latt is well acquainted with injuries specific to high intensity athletes such as dancers and is able to offer optimal care to our performing artists. The goal of the Clinic is to provide the students of the School of Dance timely and accurate evaluations of their injuries, advice on effective treatments for simple injuries, and referrals for more complex problems. By improving access to specialized care, it is hoped that both the frequency and the duration of injuries will be reduced, thus improving the training of every UA Dance student.


The University of Arizona dance students enjoy a direct conduit to our on campus Sports Medicine team. This includes daily, on-site access to services in the dance athletic training room by a licensed athletic trainer who specializes in dance-related care and injury prevention.

During athletic training visits dancers receive evaluation and treatment of any musculoskeletal concerns that arise.  Visits may include soft tissue work, tailored exercises for the rehabilitation of their specific injury, and dance-specific taping and modalities as needed.  Pre-performance treatments are also available to dancers.

In addition, the U of A dance students may also utilize the University of Arizona Campus Health Services where they have access to dual credentialed athletic trainer/physical therapists who have expertise in dance-medicine and who also work with our intercollegiate athletes. Access is also available to on-site physicians specializing in Sports Medicine with extensive dance-medicine expertise, often same-day.  Quick access to this team of sports medicine providers offers ideal care in order to return the UA dance student to participation as safely and quickly as possible.